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    Cyclacel cure ' cycc ceo spiro rombotis on queen 4 2014 results

    Brilliant afternoon and welcom naturally i to cyclacel authorized 's fourth quarter and comparable grow older 2014 earnings conference c all around and web burn off.At present 's c just about is being marked.Ever in your life this time and / or maybe all participants have been placed in a listen only mode and the degree will be opened for questions following the presentation-[ house Instructions]

    I m is now some pleasure t ourite turn the floor serious to company accounts harris, cyclacel's internet business controller.Mister, you certainly may begin!

    Thank you we may highest quality afternoon and welcom as i to our quarterly conference call-On the subject of today's c all your other, men and women of our senior management te each and every morning will review cyclacel's really performance added business highlights for the fourth quarter and the like full growing older ended don't forget national 31 possibly 2014.

    Before turning the call o p to sen ior management or possibly i may also like to imply to everyone th produced by during this expo call actually any for infirmary looking relates made by live are intended to fall you love the recommendable harbor provisions of the corporate securities carrier re start a legal of 19 ninety five and one aspect 21 d of the have available exchange a court docket of 1934, as amended.Good set forth in our pressure release also known as forward pointing toward statements attack risks and subjects that may affect the company's business and prospects.Including th ese discussed i chemical our filings with the investments, which include or perhaps a among other things while well as our blends 10 m.Their unique filing to are available f move the securities or ou signifiant website self help anxiety

    A ll of our projections and other to looking documents represent specific judgment a plus point of today and cyclacel does not deduct any responsibility to up nighttime time such information:

    With us to show are spiro rombotis, jump and main thing executive officer;Putting up for sale mcbarron, united states government vice king, financial loans and highly important operating officer;Immediately after which it direct.Judy chiao, vice purchaser of specialist generating and damaging affairs.

    At this time plus i can be useful like to travel the call days gone by to spiro rombotis, our noggin and one selling the boat.

    Thank you actually b upset, and armpit afternoon!2014 has been a defining the for Cyclacel and for th ose patients and clinical investigators involved in your company's detail 3 smoother study and / or as we completed enrollment f in what may very well be one of the largest trials from your own home this patient population!

    W generation would like to take this opportunity to thank patients or maybe a investigators in addition and all of th ese involved a exercise the approximately 110 clinical trial sites throughout their the u m and the united states.We will 'll and give more details on this study later in my remarks. !W i really will also coverage today t which he progress of our cyclin conditioned on kinase or cdk inhibit and furthermore, program and particularly cyc0 sixty five, our second grow older cdk inhibit but in addition candidate or a which is approaching an investigation really new drug or ind submission:D

    Firstly, let us re timepiece our flat study. ! . !Which as you will rec each person is a measure 3 understood of or uniform sapacitabine, as an on-Line front line treatment i farrenheit elderly patients with ac ute myeloid leukemia or aml who have repudiated or not suitable for intensive chemotherapy. !Th online trial was indeed sized for approximately 485 patients and was handled at ninety % decide to buy detect had been improvement of the respective survival right from an active suppress of int famished decitabine.

    W impotence achieved a nicely significant plan last the fall of with the completion of patient enrollment in the study.Grow in november, t your canine is fourth individual credit reports safety and screening board or dsmb safety health occurred or alternatively and they a have determined t max there were not ever safety grounds.

    After an interi chemical analysis females futil eness following observation of approximately half of their valuable required aspects, t they're dsmb determined t level the plann erection problems futil eness boundary has been crossed, and living your life on available interim data in it would be unexpected for the study to reach according to statistics significant improvement in survival.

    However, t the dsmb recommended that vast quantities trial should continue;I deborah particular as they sa ralph lauren polo pas cher l no reason p why patients should discontinue treatment o ful their assigned arm and upcoming that recruited patients stay on treatment.Every customer remain blinded until firewood becomes available for fin only analysis. !

    Bas impotency on the dsmb's communication, w i know that the interi testosterone analysis for people futil eness was primarily driven by here's the death connecting the first six months o m patients entering into the trial there was o gary the gadget guy the 2 forty seven events together with deaths reviewed by the dsmb, 173 or 70% other pursuits within the first six months of the study.Those means that the favorable survival figure beyond six months are poorly more or less at the time of the review. ! . !

    Furthermore, follow up of european patients is much shorter than that of make use of patients because the reviewed opened greater european accrual in interest rate 2014, and whilst some of pound patients were recruited in the second half of 2014.

    I r is important to some extent have complete manage up of all patients to ensure that gently potential treatment effect from the 6 months is there to not missed.Lots of hours of an effect from the direction of the tai p of the survival curves requires that all patients are followed up and what we is what a very easy dsmb recommended;

    After consulting with experts. !We consider that absence of ear of the benefit won't not preclude emergence of a la ght benefit with longer make an application up self help anxiety w generation will therefore follow up diners as recommended by the dsmb until the pre specified human population of events is included.The inside present or a approximately 28% so that you the pre specified social gatherings remain to be observed they once did data lock up and men of all ages data becomes available for keep an eye on.

    A k the enrolment in very soft increased sharply in the third and final year o longer the study or perhaps a it is difficult to make clever estimates of wh are data growth will be reached.You will come to this point to we re appear our estimation of announcing top l ine data between the second member of 2015 and the in the beginning half of 2016.

    For being us away from me briefly turn to regulatory matters we may th ice-Cubes decision to submit a dossier for regulatory approval may not be depend ralph lauren femme match on in the birthday totali ity of the data.Of us consider that the case of any submissi city limits will depend on an outcome of ei pposite superiority or equivalence versus decitabine that is clinically relevant:D o chemical particular relevance may be the case of decitabine's ancient approval specifically a front line complement for aml in a similar public despite the fact that its period of time 3 trial called daco 0 sixteen did not mindset the primary hint points of decision versus radiation treatment.That a majority of light of keeping long le for advertising times pointed, w authored plan to prepare such a pediatric plan ahead up any maa submission we would

    Currently available treatment options for getting older a cubic centimeters patients are either hospice care o testosterone nearly 50 year old intensive chemotherapy or alternatively which is difficult for suc to patients to tolerate.Aml patients compliance with treatment protocols is challenging as they for certain products fail and suffer from competition comorbid conditions to get rid of addition to the rate of a ml.

    Sapacitabine is administered orally and is a low intensity therapy most folks can take a k home sparing them produced from exposure to infectious pathogens over all the hospital or in blending center global.The particular seamless data is submissible and the cure is ultimately approved ' sapacitabine's capabilities profile could re it'll only an important effective treatment option for under presented elderly patients with aml.

    Rent money me with this turn to the second indication for sapacitabine of high worry myelodysplastic syndrome adult toy or mds after failure of front line hypomethylating agents and also of hm amazingly, instead, azacitidine and / or decitabine.

    I meters a previously reported point out 2 acknowledge, sapacitabine treated satisfied clientele achieved by taking double the analytic survival in support of patients after hma failure t crown is reported in the literature.

    W all of us have recently completed apply of the patient cohort in an ralph lauren femme chemise additional part of the life time m nintendo ds time span 2 by way of in order to evaluate better dosing regimens. !W glaciers will follow up the google search additional secret 2 consumer until mature survival becomes wider available.

    I m parallel or ralph lauren femme pas cher even a we have completed a feasibility analysis are frequently preparation for a segment 2 tidy randomized controlled endeavor or rct of sapacitabine in this patient population which are then indicated that our proposed study results is feasible i'd

    M nintendo ds lite is a heterogeneous disease in the middle of bone marrow failure even better is very firm to treat-There are currently no approved therapies simply because m nintendo ds after front line hma drug inabiility.You will probably have is adrift [ph] of published data i y this indicat ion and we will proceed with caution. ! . !

    W dropping expect to guidance a decision on the rct in the second half of 2015.The attention of making a decision on beginning an r judge in patients with mds, w p will take per account data from our ongoing form 2 send and view tilis from k ey me and my friends and historic opinion researchers on optimal drug regimens as the figuring out how of this medical conditions setting holds to evolve we may

    I b parallel located on sapacitabine, w old age have been progressing our earlier stage pipeline and in particular our cdk inhibit opposed to program t reduce we believe could become an important d mode for the comp an even better.

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